Specific offer for the administrations of museums, galleries and places of tourist interest.
The free audio guide that rewards you!
Free Audioguide
(Software, Narrations, Hosting)
+ Real Time Revenue.
+$ 12.000 per Year 
+ 10%  

A collaborative venture between audio.gd and your Organization.

The audio-guide is produced and maintained free of charge year after year and made available to visitors for a fee.

Payment is made directly to the visitor's smartphone via ApplePay, GooglePay or Credit Card. Other payment methods are being integrated and will be available soon.

Proceeds are collected by audio.gd to cover production, hosting, and support costs.

your Organization will receive a share of the accrued proceeds in real-time, too.

- audio.gd is ideal for all tourist attractions that cannot afford the development of an ad hoc audio guide or tie themselves to expensive hosting contracts;

- audio.gd is ideal for both free and paid access attractions;

- audio.gd is ideal for organizations that would like to monetize their tourist traffic but do not have access to the necessary technological tools;
Application Software Free 
Audio Narration Production Free 
Hosting Free 
Dedicated Server | yourname.audio.gdFree 
Real Time Revenue 10% 

the Partnership


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on the Trail

Offer audio.gd
to your Visitors!

Real-time Payments!

Revenue Forecast
Yearly Users @1$ @2$ @3$
500 50$ 100$ 150$
5,500 550$ 1,100$ 1,650$
10,500 1,050$ 2,100$ 3,150$
15,500 1,550$ 3,100$ 4,650$
20,500 2,050$ 4,100$ 6,150$
25,500 2,550$ 5,100$ 7,650$
30,500 3,050$ 6,100$ 9,150$
35,500 3,550$ 7,100$ 10,650$
40,500 4,050$ 8,100$ 12,150$
45,500 4,550$ 9,100$ 13,650$
... ... ... ...

Partnership Activation Procedure
Presentation and Explanation of the Partnership
An audio.gd Agent/Facilitator will explain the benefits of the Partnership to you, when possible with an on-site visit, or by video call, phone call, or email.
Entry Questionnaire
In person or remotely, you will need to answer a very brief questionnaire to enable us to frame the Partner's needs and translate them into an immediate production plan.

In general, the information needed to proceed is:

- access to the venue: free or paid?
- number of annual visitors (latest accessible data)
- any monthly or seasonal peaks in visitation
- main nationalities of visitors
- total number of works permanently exhibited to the public
- duration (in hours or minutes) of a typical visit
- Does the venue have a shop (selling books, postcards, gadgets, etc.)?
- Can the Partner accept monetary payments?
Proposal: Production Plan
If there are no particular problems or impossibilities to proceed, after a dispatched internal consultation, we will propose our Production Plan to you.

It will be our care and interest to try to favor your Organization to facilitate its entry into the audioguide dimension as much as possible.
Signing Partnership Agreement
If our proposal is accepted, a simple partnership contract will be signed, with a minimum duration of one year that will be tacitly renewed to allow the Organization to grow and perfect its audioguide, year after year, and audio.gd to possibly recoup its investment.
Receipt of Content
The Partner agrees to deliver the list of works to be included in the audioguide, with the textual content to be narrated and the graphic content.
Editing and Production of Content
If no editorial problems are encountered, normally the content checking, edition and production phase is completed in a couple of weeks or so.
Server and Application Setup
Once the audio files are ready, a Partner-specific server is activated, the files are uploaded to it, and the "audio.gd" application is installed, which is then tested by our staff.

The dedicated server will be activated at such an address


and will be reachable by your visitors by scanning the QRCode at the entrance of the facility.
Test Drive
The audio guide is delivered to you for a short test period to verify that everything is working at its best.

During this period, the Partner will print QRCode tags to be placed at the entrance, and tags with the number of works to be placed at each narrated spot.
Official launch of the audioguide
When everything is up and running, the audioguide can be used normally and the Partner (without having spent anything or having to spend anything) can offer its new service to visitors and simultaneously collect a percentage of the proceeds every year!
Every year-if necessary-the Partner can request the addition or modification/correction of 20 narratives to keep the exhibition offerings on the trail up to date.

For example:

a Partner that offers its audioguide in only one language may request:

- 20 new narratives;
- 20 corrections;
- 10 new narratives and 10 corrections.


- 20 new narratives in a second language.


A Partner offering audioguide in two languages may request:

- 10 new narratives, in both English and another language;
- 10 corrections, in both English and another language.


For audio guides in one or more languages, it is essential that the offer to visitors is balanced and impartial.

All works narrated in the main language must also be available in other languages, if activated.
Mutual Cooperation
The Partnership is based on a profound cooperation that aspires to be long-lasting, in the interest of both parties and in order to enhance and make the treasures of art, culture and tourism more accessible.

audio.gd and its staff are proud to contribute to the Partner's excellence and the transformation of its contents into recurring and growing financial support for its activities.
In brief:
Free to Start & Maintain!
After joining the Partnership, you just need to send us a list of works and the content to be narrated and we will create the audio guide.
Free to Scale-up and Amend!
The Partnership provides that each year you can use a bonus of 20 free transactions to edit existing narratives, request the creation of new ones, or create them in an additional language.

Don't worry. The Partnership also provides for friendly and considerate treatment.
With time, can only grow!
By planning well, in no time your audio guide will become more and more complete and nourished.

And you won't have spent a dime!

In fact, you will have inaugurated a new stream of revenue!
QRCode or not, your audioguide is intuitively accessible at a simple and unique address that is easy to communicate and advertise!

Secure your "handle".audio.gd now!
No money or administrative hassle!
Neither you nor your staff are required to administer computer systems or learn new programs.

You don't have to do anything!
Sustainable & Accessible
Crucial point of the Partnership is in the fact that the audio-guide should be offered to Visitors at an absolutely symbolic fee, to ensure not only the sustainability of the service but especially its widest accessibility.
Voices & Languages
Here's a taste of audio.gd's voices.
But if you already have voice files you can use them in audio.gd!
About the Application:
audio.gd for Partners is an application that is immediately available on Visitors' devices, without any need for prior download, thanks to its minimal architecture.

Furthermore, the contents of the audio guide, made very light by the new compression technologies, are downloaded in a fraction of a second and always and only when necessary.

Long gone are the days when an app had to be in the Apple or Google AppStore.
3G - 4G - 5G - Wifi
audio.gd is always available wherever there is access to the Internet or to the mobile Network.
QRCode and URL
audio.gd uses a single QRCode to allow visitors access to the App.

However - although very convenient for many users and making it much easier to reach the audio guide - the QRCode is not really essential.

To ensure that even Visitors whose phone cannot scan QR Codes can use our audio guide, we pay close attention to the choice of the Partner's URL.

Those who cannot scan the QR Codes, can simply type the URL:

The actual languages ​​available in audio.gd are shown on the labels displayed on site.

In this way, only Visitors interested in the languages ​​actually served will be able to use audio.gd; Here the English language plays a fundamental role and can serve as an alternative support for many visitors whose language is not included in audio.gd.

The first use interface of audio.gd is therefore deliberately iconic and laconic: once the Visitor has decided to use audio.gd he/she is in fact only required to select the language (among those available) and enter the numeric codes he finds on the route.
Numerical Codes
Once in audio.gd, the Visitor requests the desired narrations by inserting into his phone, on a very natural numeric keypad, the numerical code shown on the tag on site.

The codes that can be activated range from 0010 to 9990.

A possible use is to assign the codes by floor: that is to say that the works exhibited on the third floor of a museum could be 3000, 3001, 3002 and so on.

But any strategy useful or necessary for the Partner can be implemented.

In fact, for the Visitor, entering the numerical code is equivalent to entering a very short telephone number. The syntax of the code can therefore also be random.
Audio First
audio.gd is designed to offer narrative assistance in vocal form.

For each narrative, apart from an image and a few lines of text, which the visitor needs for immediate crosscheck, the interface for using the App is totally devoted to encouraging listening.

Both inside the Museums and in the outdoor tourist areas, it is important (both for safety and satisfaction) that Visitors do not take their eyes off the surrounding beauty and do not walk while reading.
Timed use
The default duration of use of audio.gd for each Visitor is 12 hours.

For Partners with different reception needs, it is possible to reduce or extend this period of time.
Neural Voices
Although we would like to hire professional announcers, this option is not easily feasible in the Partnership version of audio.gd.

Anyway, audio.gd uses the best neural voices on the market. Artificial voices that now have very little that is "artificial".

This technology does have a high cost, and always requires the extra work of a human vocal programmer, but it allows us to generate audio files completely free of background noise and therefore extremely light in terms of kilobytes.

Furthermore, by using a matrix, corrections and replacements of the narratives that may become necessary over time will never give rise to changes in tone or style.
Transferable / Duplicable
Should the material originally on display and audionarrated be transferred or distributed to different locations, audio.gd can continue to function normally in the new location or on different locations!
Admin & Stats
Partners have access to a very simple administration page that allows:

- printing/reprinting of the standard audio.gd labels for the access QRCode and for all active narrations;

- checking the actual number of uses and the most requested languages ​​among those offered.

There is no need for anything else. Audio.gd does not intend to increase Partners' workload. On the contrary!
Frequently Asked Questions
 Who can be part of the audio.gd Partnership?
In principle, any kind of tourist attraction, large or small, is welcome in the Partnership.

We especially warmly welcome those Organizations that enhance and protect arts and culture, and often have special and urgent economic needs.

To begin the audioguide adventure, it is advisable for the Partner to have:

- an exhibit permanently available to the public, even a minimal one;

- a traffic of tourists and visitors on which to integrate the monetization strategy.
 How long does the Partnership last?
The minimum duration (by contractual technicality) is one year, but if no particular issues intervene it can-and should-last as long as possible to allow the Partner to innovate its offerings to visitors over the years, to add additional narratives even in new languages, again without incurring production and service costs.
 Which Organizations can take advantage of the Partnership?
Any facility of a tourist or cultural nature where the following are exhibited:

- Paintings;
- Illustrations;
- Photographs;
- Sculptures;
- Installations.

- Bioparks;
- Local Monuments;
- Churches, Temples, Shrines;
- Towns with many Points of Interest.

Wherever it is possible to narrate and accompany with voice the visitor on a path of discovery and learning.
 What is a good beginning strategy?
The best initial strategy is to provide audio narration for the works that are known to have the greatest appeal on the exhibition route, or that the Partner believes are most likely to suggest the best educational/entertainment path for visitors.

Initially it is advisable to favor the language of the most popular visitors, probably the local language.

Later it will be possible to add related narratives in a second or third language.
 How to frame the Partnership?
The Partnership is based on the basic principle of "donation."

audio.gd donates to the Partner Organization:

- the audioguide system;
- the labor required to produce and maintain it;
- a percentage of the proceeds.

In addition:

- Most cultural tourism interest organizations are inclined to receive donations of all kinds (volunteer labor, donation of works and artifacts, bank transfers);

An increasing number of them, with a view to hospitality and self-support, include small businesses such as Cafe and Shop in their structure.

We base our Partnership on this observation and trend:

the audio guide can be an additional element, made commercially available to visitors, and with which the Partner becomes virtuous-with no initial investment or recurring expenses-generating more hospitality, accessibility, and an additional revenue stream.
 How many narratives should the audioguide contain?
Ideally, at least all those involving the works on permanent display on the tour route.

Unfortunately, this scenario is extremely costly in terms of money and time needed for production, and therefore, thanks to the Partnership, it can be planned and implemented in its entirety - for free and in a few years - but without giving up the possibility of an immediate debut!

With about 20 free narratives per year, it is possible to begin by offering visitors "a suggested audio-curated tour."

Gradually, observing over time the enjoyment of the service, it will be possible to refine this path by integrating additional works until possibly including all, or almost all, of them.
 Aren't 20 narratives too few to start?
With our guests in mind, let's see together "what is an audio guide"!

The audioguide is the portable surrogate for a personal human guide. Among the various technological possibilities, it is precisely the most natural one because it moves with the visitor and accompanies him, without imposing limits on his movement and without forcing him to take his attention away from his surroundings.

So, what is expected of a human - or even smart - guide?

1) That it accompany visitors along the entire physical route of the visit.

2) Should it be necessary, that he/she choose for them the most significant works of the route.

3) That at the end of the visit it gives visitors the satisfaction of a broad understanding of the route, from A to Z.

With this in mind, the first version of your audioguide on audio.gd can excellently satisfy visitors by satisfying as many as 20 general questions they may accrue during the visit.

Depending on the type of tour and the extent of the facility, you can then initially proceed with a narrative by floor, by room, by wall, by display case, etc.

As free narratives can be requested each year, it will therefore be possible to "intersperse" the stations on the route successively with well-planned, increasingly minute and focused narratives: works in detail, the highlights on the route, new arrivals, etc.
 But we already offer an audio guide...
- Is it still convenient?
- Is it light? Decent?
- Is it smart?
- Does it cost to maintain it?
- Is it easy to update?
- Does it produce revenue?

There is always room to hypothesize improvements!
 What about copyright?
The Partner licenses to audio.gd the data (textual and graphic) of the works, which are necessary to produce the narratives and make them available in the audioguide, and remains the undisputed owner for the duration of the Partnership and even after its termination.
 Is an audioguide with a single narration, perhaps in multiple languages, conceivable?
Certainly! The case is extreme but not impossible.

The uses of audio.gd are many and should all be evaluated and if possible enhanced.
 I would like the audio guide to be free for visitors...
This option is certainly possible with the Professional version of audio.gd but involves the preventive payment of software, setup, production of audio files and hosting, based on bandwidth consumption.

If your Organization can pay these costs, or can invoice them to a Sponsor, please send us a message.
 Is it possible to see a demo?
Certainly. We are waiting for your contact!

Still undecided?
Don't miss the audioguide opportunity! audio.gd activates a limited number of free Partnerships per year.

 Contact us now!